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The Windsock - Fall 2016 Newsletter pdf 2016_Fall_Newsletter.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2016 pdf 2016_Spring_Newsletter.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2015 pdf 2015_Spring_Newsletter_3.0.pdf
The Windsock - Fall 2015 pdf 2015_Fall_Newsletter.pdf
The Windsock - Fall 2014 pdf Newsletter_-_Fall_2014_Final_Copy.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2014 pdf Final_Spring_2014_Newsletter.pdf
The Windsock - Fall 2013 pdf Newsletter_-_Fall_2013_Final.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2015 pdf 2015_Spring_Newsletter_3.0.pdf
The Windsock - Fall 2012 President's Report
A Note From the Office
Mark your Calendar: AAAA Annual Meeting
Celebrating 42 Years! 2012 AAAA Conference & Annual General Meeting
2012 AAAA Conference & AGM Speaker Profiles
Scorching Alberta Summer Puts Damper on Bumper Crop
pdf Newsletter-Fall-2012.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2012 President's Report
Message from the Beekeepers
Commission of Alberta
Recognition Award 25 Years of Service to the AAAA
The Risk is Real - Stay Safe!
Raising a New Crop of Alberta Farmers
pdf Newsletter-Spring-2012.pdf
The Windsock - Fall 2011 President's Report
Life Lessons
Compensation for spray damage can be significant
Celebrating 41 Years! 2011 AAAA Conference & Annual General Meeting
2011 AAAA Conference & AGM Speaker Profiles
Crop Dusting: There’s more to aerial application aviation than you ever imagined
Just don't reach for the ketchup or mayo
Call for Volunteers!
pdf aaaa_newsletter_fall-2011.pdf
The Windsock - Spring 2011 President's Report
Notes from the Office
Fuel Gauges: Do they Indicate Properly?
CleanFARMS offers recycling programs to get rid of empty pesticide containers and obsolete pesticides
Ralph Tiede Reflects on 40 Years
AAAA’s 25 Years of Service Recognition
pdf aaaa_newsletter_spring_2011.pdf
The Windsock - May 2010 President's Report
New Licence Requirements from Transport Canada June 30, 2010 Deadline
Think Bee Safety
2010 CAAA Calibration and Patternization (CAP) Clinics
pdf aaaa_newsletter_may-2010.pdf
The Windsock - October 2009 Organic tastes good, but better for us? No
President's Message
AAAA 39th Annual General Meeting
pdf aaaa_newsletter_oct-2009.pdf
The Windsock - April 2009 2009 Alberta Pest Report
President's Message
Think Bees!
pdf aaaa_newsletter_apr-2009.pdf
The Windsock - October 2008 Financial "crunch time" looms for farmers
Did you know...
President's Message
AAAA 38th Annual General Meeting
pdf Newsletter-2008-10.pdf
The Windsock - April 2008 2008 Pest Forecast
President's Message
Economic Impact
2008 CAP Clinics
Why is Agriculture in Alberta Changing?
pdf Newsletter-2008-04.pdf
The Windsock - October 2007 Benefits of Crop Protection Technologies on Canadian Food Production, Nutrition, Economy and the Environment.
AAAA 37th Annual General Meeting
pdf Newsletter-2007-10.pdf
The Windsock - May 2007 Biofuels in Alberta
President's Message
Working Together with Beekeepers
Aerial Application and Honey Bees
2007 Alberta Pest Forecast
pdf Newsletter-2007-04.pdf
The Windsock - September 2006 5 Rules from a Thriving Family Business
President's Message
AAAA 36th Annual General Meeting
pdf Newsletter-2006-09.pdf
The Windsock - June 2006 2006 Alberta Crop Conditions
President's Message
2006 AGM
CAIR Safety Seminar
pdf Newsletter-2006-06.pdf
The Windsock - December 2005 Alberta Aerial Applicators Association 2005 AGM Review
President's Message
Dollars & Sense of Aerial Spraying Brochures
The PropWorks Scholarship 2005
pdf Newsletter-2005-12.pdf
The Windsock - September 2005 14 Critical Questions for Succession Planning
AAAA 35th Annual General Meeting
Thank you James!
Did you know?
Dollars & Sense of Aerial Spraying
pdf Newsletter-2005-09.pdf
The Windsock - June 2005 How can we increase the efficiency of Aerial Application?
President's Message
2005 AGM Scheduled in Red Deer
Dollars & Sense of Aerial Spraying
pdf Newsletter-2005-06.pdf
The Windsock - April 2005 Alberta Licence Recertification Update
President's Message
2005 AGM Scheduled in Red Deer
Canadian Association of Rocketry
Wild Rose Protective Fund
Alberta CAAA CAP Clinics Scheduled
pdf Newsletter-2005-03.pdf
The Windsock - December, 2004 Alberta Aerial Applicators Association 2004 AGM Review
President's Message

pdf Newsletter-2004-12.pdf
The Windsock - September, 2004 Up, Up & Away!
President's Message
AAAA 2004 Annual General Meeting
pdf Newsletter-2004-09.pdf
The Windsock - June, 2004 Spring 2004 stubble soil moisture levels
President's Message
Prairie Provinces Collaborate for Aerial Applicator Continuing Education Program
pdf aaaa_2004-06.pdf
The Windsock - March, 2004 Grasshopper Prediction for 2004
President's Message
pdf aaaa_2004-03.pdf
The Windsock - December, 2003 Alberta Aerial Applicators Association AGM Review
President's Message
Notice to Fuel Suppliers
pdf aaaa_2003-12.pdf
The Windsock - September, 2003 Pesticide collection program cleans up environment gif 2003-9_1.gif
The Windsock - June, 2003 The Growing Cost of One Mad Cow jpg 2003-6_1.jpg
The Windsock - March, 2003 2003 Grasshopper Forecast for Alberta and adjoining regions of Saskatchewan jpg 2003-3_1.jpg
The Windsock - December, 2002 33rd Annual General Meeting jpg 2002-12_1.jpg
The Windsock - September, 2002 Re-certification Requirements for Pesticide Applicators - Aerial Class jpg 2002-9_1.jpg
The Windsock - June, 2002 G-8 Summit Restrictions jpg 2002-06_1.jpg
The Windsock - March, 2002 The grasshopper threat continues for 2002 jpg 2002-3_windsock1.jpg