Aerial Applicators

The agricultural aviation industry is made up of small businesses and pilots that use aircraft to aid farmers in producing a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food, fiber and bio-fuel, in addition to protecting forestry and controlling health-threatening pests.

The Alberta Aerial Applicators Association works in conjunction with the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association to promote the benefits of aerial application to the public and conducts programs and services to ensure the continued success of the industry.


Check with your local regulator for specific regulations in your area.

The following areas are regulated in Alberta:

  • Service License
  • Drift Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Pesticide License
  • Commercial Pilot License

Calibration and Patternization

Learn why you need to calibrate. Find information about calibration clinics.

Becoming an Aerial Applicator

Ag pilot working conditions, typical requirements and experience required to become an agricultural pilot.

Pesticide Training and Licensing

Information on Training & Certification, Training Centres and Applicator Recertification.