Calibration and Patternization

Why Calibrate

  • A calibration clinic is mandatory for qualification to apply certain products and for participation in many Insurance Programs, including the Wild Rose Protective Fund.
  • Small errors in the concentration of a pesticide can be very expensive because it implies a waste  of chemical due to over­dosage, or poor results in the case of under dosage.
  • Maintenance of application equipment is as important as maintaining your aircraft; ensure you don’t have nozzles with worn spray tips or leaking shut­off valves.

Calibration Clinics

Each aircraft is calibrated and the spray pattern is analyzed by a droplet analyzer. Adjustments are made on site and the aircraft then make several passes over the equipment. Following the clinic, each pilot is provided with a computer printout of the aircrafts performance and suggestions on how to improve the spray pattern. Calibrated aircraft receive a certificate and windshield sticker indicating an expiry date of 20 months.