There are about 700 beekeepers in the province that own over 265,000 hives. Beekeepers and farmers work together and understand the need for timely application of pesticides.

Beekeepers are able to move bees at night, and may require a day’s notice. A simpler precaution is to avoid spraying between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm as this is the time bees will forage on blooming crops.


Alberta Beekeepers Commission

​The Alberta Beekeepers Commission provides services to Alberta’s beekeepers.

Calgary & District Beekeepers Association

The main purpose of the Club is to promote and encourage good beekeeping practices in this area, "Under the Chinook arch".

Edmonton & District Beekeepers Association

​The EDBA is a not for profit organization which promotes awareness of and education related to the honey bee (Apis Mellifera) and beekeeping in general.

Alberta Honey Producers BeeMaid

​Alberta Honey Producers processes and packages honey for its members. Membership is restricted to the western portion of Saskatchewan, and all of Alberta and British Columbia. Beekeepers who wish to become members must fill out an Application for Membership and Quota Base.


Windsock Newsletter - Spring 2012

Alberta Aerial Applicators Association