Aerial application has a long and fascinating history. What began decades ago using whatever aircraft and equipment were at hand has evolved into a highly specialized sector of the aviation industry. No longer dominated by the stereotypical devil-may-care crop dusters in silk scarves, the aerial application industry today relies on advanced technology and a skilled, professional workforce.

Ag pilots are true partners in modern agriculture, which is primarily about yield: maximizing the amount of crops that can be grown and harvested from a plot of land. The ag pilots specific role here is to help the farmer achieve those high yields while also aiding profitability and sustainability by protecting crops from insects, diseases and other pests.

Hire International Ag Pilot

To obtain a current Pilot Registry List, contact the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association.

Report Pesticide Incident

What is a Pesticide Incident? Four Types of Reporting.

Hire an Aerial Applicator

Important information before hiring an Aerial Applicator.

Rights and Responsibilities

Information about rights and responsibilities for applying pesticides in the agricultural industry.


Guardians of Abundance: Aerial Application, Agricultural Chemicals, and Toxicity in the Postwar Prairie West.

​David Douglas Vail, Abstract of a Dissertation for Degree, Kansas State University


Vertical - Flying the Crops

Verical Magazine - Story by Jason Colquhoun