Rights and Responsibilities

Deciding to Spray

Spraying crops is not a decision that farmers make lightly. Economic thresholds are developed to assist you with spraying decisions.

Rights & Responsibilities

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development states that you have the legal right to apply pesticides on your property provided that the pesticide application does not contravene any by-laws, regulations, or generally accepted practices. You have the legal responsibility to ensure that any pesticide application performed on your property does not cause harm to adjacent properties or people.

  1. Hiring a qualified aerial applicator who is legally registered to perform aerial application is the first step in meeting producer responsibility.
  2. The second step is ensuring that the applicator is aware of potential hazards in advance of an application. Producers may be held accountable for compensation to adjacent landowners if pesticide damage occurs.

Notification Guidelines

Farmers have the legal right to apply pesticides on their property. Notification is simply a good neighbour policy that helps eliminate potential risks.